Practice palm motion- 4 levels-2nd level 宗岳掌法的四個等級-2

這四種掌法中,以「正面揉掌型掌法」為最初等初級,基本上能夠學到揉掌的掌法,已經算是入內家之門了,因為揉掌的掌法算是無力技術的掌法,如果在自己練習 不受外力阻礙時,這種掌法不但是無力掌法,還是採列肘都入斜角的掌法。只是當敵人的力量向我衝入時,這種「正面揉掌型掌法」一但受到外力,列肘便受阻擋而 無法進入斜角,如果硬要進入斜角就會變成用力的有力技術了,所以這種掌法基本上仍然是作為基礎練而不用的。
The 2nd level is to keep the middle point of the forearm fixed.
The movement will become elbow up, palm down. That is a big difference with the original palm movement.
However, this type will still use the power to resist our opponent when you contact with your opponent. That's why we need to learn the 3rd level, to turn your body.