ZongYue Taichi 宗岳門太極拳

Zong-Yue Taichi 宗岳門太極拳
Although my master request me to teach Taichi and put that on-line since 2007, I still keep silence due to I feel that I am not in that level to teach. Yesterday is a perfect day for me to restart my Taichi practice. My mind just changed and believe that good things should share with other people. That's why I have this blog.

Since Jan-2008, I started to teach this with two of my friends. They enhence their skill in push hand and even more for release their body when practice. That's what I really want to see.

Friends, hope you can get what you want of Taichi from here.

雖然我的老師(葉金山葉老師)從去年(2007)就不斷的要我們這批學生開始去教拳, 昨天我重新檢視我的太極拳, 我忽然想通了, 好的東西就應該和大家分享, 所以有了這個BLOG的存在

從今年的一月開始, 我開始用宗岳門的教學方式來指導兩位我的朋友, 雖然只經過了短時間的練習, 他們對推手及太極拳所要求的放鬆都有了長足的進步